Bloom & Flower

Bloom & Flower

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Get everything you need for your garden or planters in one package.

Use this combination for any type of crop but best for heavier fruit bearing vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, most root vegetables, and flower gardens.  This amazing combination will get the neighbors talking....and the flavors it produces are out of this world.

Package includes:

All-In-One Fertilizer 5-4-5- 1.25kg (2.76lbs)

LIQUID FISH Fertilizer 3-2-5 1 Liter (33.8oz)

KELP 100% Soluble 1Lbs (454g)

BAT GUANO 0-8-0 23Ca+ 1Lbs (454g)


Directions for use

Mix the Bat Guano with the All-In-One fertilizer in a ratio of 1/4 (1 portion Guano to 4 portions of the All-In-One)

Mix the All-In-One/Guano fertilizer into your soil as directed here.

Water inter-changeably between the Fish Fertilizer, Soluble Kelp and plain water. For example, the first watering will be with the Fish Fertilizer. Second watering, use plain water. The Third watering would be with the soluble Kelp. Use as directed on each package for dilution levels.

For improved nutrient kick during Bloom and Flower stages (week 6-10), side-dress with Guano and All-In-One to your topsoil (lightly till into the soil around the stem). Continue watering program until harvest.