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Q&A All-in-one Fertilizer

How many plants can I grow with one bag of All-In- One fertilizer ?

 The number of plants depends on a few things.  If you are using the All- In-One for potted plants in 5 gallon containers, you would have enough for 8 fast growing vegetable type plants and still some left for top dressing throughout the season. For slower growing house plants, you can half the dosage giving you enough for 16 plants as they grow a lot slower and the demand  for nutrients  is a lot lower.

As for outdoor gardens or grow boxes, 50 square feet (4.6 square meters) is what i would recommend per bag. Just to help out, an adult male foot tends to be around one foot long. From toe to toe, walking five feet one way and then ten feet the other; that's 50 square feet. Remember, the deeper the grow box, the more fertilizer you may need. 2 feet (60 cm) in depth would be the maximum. I would recommend mixing a little more if your going to go deeper than that.


Top- Dressing? What does that mean and how do you do it?

Essentially top-dressing is adding fresh nutrients to the top of the soil which will then steadily reach the root system as you water.

Root systems are generally concentrated in the top 12 inches (30 cm) of most plants. During the growing seasons, many plants will require some extra nutrients to get them going again ( vegetative stage) or to finish their growing cycle- Budding, Flowering and Fruit cycles. Getting a steady flow of nutrients to the roots can be done is a very effective, low maintenance manner as follows:

Technique 1#-  Grab a pail or any mixing container.  Add 10 large scoops ( gardening trowel size or around 2-3 liters of soil ) en add 3 heaping tablespoons of the All-In-One. Add water. Mix well --becomes a wet type mud.  Next,cover the entire surface of your pot with the  fertilized soil, around 1cm thick.  Similarly,  for outdoor gardens, cover the area around the main stem ( 10-15 cm radius) but you can use a little less as the plants tend to have more access to nutrients. WATER THOROUGHLY. Deep watering  is essential to get nutrients to the entire root system. Let the soil lightly dry (never completely) before deep watering again. Repeat adding fresh fertilized soil every 3 weeks during heavy growth. For house plants, once every couple months should be enough.