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GUANO Bulk Box 25kg
GUANO Bulk Box 25kg
GUANO Bulk Box 25kg

GUANO Bulk Box 25kg

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Natural sources of fast-acting Phosphorus are tough to find. Natural sources of fast-acting Phosphorous + Calcium are even harder! Fossilized bat guano is an incredible natural source of both of these nutrients acting gently and quickly in your soil. These nutrients are instrumental in producing the energy required for vibrant budding, flowering and finally, the great vegetable & fruit crop you've been working on all year.

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Description & Benefits

  • Provides a considerable dose of phosphorous and calcium needed for any type of growing
  • Enriches your soil with a natural source of carbon for beneficial microbes
  • Calcium will keep the nutrients flowing and strengthen stems and leaves
  • Phosphorous increases budding nodes, flowering and fruit set
  • Complete fast and long-acting fertilizer
  • Use for indoor or outdoor growing, container or garden.

How to use:

1tbs.= 12-14 grams.

Mid-size Containers: 1 tbsp. per 4 litres (1gal.) of soil or soil-less medium. Mix thoroughly. Re-apply 1-2 tbsp. midseason. Adjust amounts for small or large containers.

Garden: 1 kg for 200 Sq.ft. Mix thoroughly into the topsoil before seeding.
Re-apply 1/2 kg midseason. Adjust for smaller or larger gardens.

Suggestions: Use with Busboys' All-In-One premium fertilizer and occasionally water with Busboys’ Fish Fertilizer... your garden will explode with life.

Keep product out of reach of children and pets. Avoid contact with skin and eyes and avoid inhaling dust. Wash hands and exposed skin thoroughly after handling. Phone poison control if ingested.  Store in a dry, cool area.

Ingredients: Fossilized Bat Guano

Guaranteed minimum analysis:

Available Phosphoric Acid (P2O5) 8.00 %
Calcium (Ca) 23.00 %
Iron (Fe) 1.00 %
Manganese (Mn) 0.30 %
Copper (Cu) 0.02 %
Zinc (Zn) 0.15 %
Molybdenum (Mo) 0.0005 %

About Bulk boxes:

Bulk boxes are an excellent way to get your favorite bushboy product at a discounted price. Bulk purchases typically start at 25 kg and will be shipped in a thick double walled box via Canada Post. The product will typically be package in two (12.5kg each), 6mm tough thick bags within the box. Due to the weight, discounted shipping costs will start after $1000. Free shipping under $1000.