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ALL-IN-ONE Bulk Box 25kg
ALL-IN-ONE Bulk Box 25kg
ALL-IN-ONE Bulk Box 25kg

ALL-IN-ONE Bulk Box 25kg

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BushBoy's flagship mix. Perfectly blended to boost any plant back to life. Nurture's your soil to trigger fast and long term vigorous growth. Mix into soil and side dress throughout the season. Easy, effective, won't burn and 100% organic. For new and experienced growers, you can't go wrong.

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Description & Benefits

  • OMRI listed and approved for organic gardening
  • Single fertilizer for all plant stages and types
  • Complete fast and long-acting fertilizer
  • Indoor or outdoor growing, container or garden.
  • Boosted with mycorrhizal fungi and humic acid for increased nutrient availability and absorption.
  • Used for growing vegetables, fruit, plants, flowers- both indoors and outdoors

Settling may occur. Mix bag thoroughly before use.


1tbs.= 14-16 grams.

Soil preparation: Before planting, mix fertilizer thoroughly in soil and keep lightly moist.

Side dressing soil: Mix in the topsoil 1-3 cm (0.5-1 inch) around the stem area and no more than 20-25 cm (8-10 inches) outwards. Start around week 4 after planting or when the plant is 15 cm (6 inches) tall.

Garden soil: 4.6 sq. meters (50 sq. feet). Mix 1.25 kg( 2.76 lbs) in topsoil. Water thoroughly. Side dress once or twice during the season.

Containers: SEE LINK BELOW - Detailed feeding chart.

Recommendation: Further your growth by watering with BushBoy products Release and Revive.

Ingredients: All organically sourced - feather meal, fish bone meal, mined sulfate of potash, hen manure, kelp, humic acid, mycorrhizal fungi.

Safety: Avoid inhaling dust particles and contact with skin and eyes. Rinse thoroughly with water. Keep out of reach of children.

Detailed Feeding Chart

About Bulk boxes:

Bulk boxes are an excellent way to get your favorite bushboy product at a discounted price. Bulk purchases typically start at 25 kg and will be shipped in a thick double walled box via Canada Post. The product will typically be package in two (12.5kg each), 6mm tough thick bags within the box. Due to the weight, discounted shipping costs will start after $1000. Free shipping under $1000.