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Monster GREEN PLUS +

Monster GREEN PLUS +

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Get everything you need for your garden and planters in one package

Monster Green Plus+ is an astounding combination for any type of vegetable, flower, or fruit while launching your leafy greens and nitrogen loving plants to a new height.  With 4kg of our Flagship ALL-IN-ONE dry fertilizer plus the powerful ALL-IN-ONE PLUS+ liquid with micronutrients, this combination triggers a fast and healthy start while supporting that supremely important bright green density and yield.

Package includes:

4kg  All-In-One Fertilizer 5-4-5- (8.8lbs)

1 Litre ALL-IN-ONE PLUS +6-2-4

HUMIC ACID 1Lbs. (454g) 100% Soluble

Soy Organic Nitrogen 14-0-0 1Lbs. (454g) 100% Soluble

Directions for use

Mix the All-In-One fertilizer into your soil as directed here.

Before planting, water your soil with Humic acid and Soy Nitrogen as directed.

After planting , water inter-changeably between the ALL-IN-ONE PLUS+, Humic acid and the Soy Nitrogen.  Use very small amounts for seedlings and increase as the plants grow. Always use plain water every 3rd or 4th watering to draw the nutrients to the roots and "rinse" them off in the process. Reduce the Soy Nitrogen after 8-10 weeks, using mainly the ALL-IN-ONE PLUS+  and Humic acid for the remainder of the plant cycle. Enjoy!